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Changing Dad Sheffield, Banner Image

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Boats on shore at Vejlby Fed

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I am Simon Smith. I started ChangingDad because, as a Father myself, I realised how little support there is out there for us Dads, and prospective Dads, who are wanting to understand how being a Father changes our lives.

Most of us want to be good Fathers and want the best for our children but, as I have discovered, being a Dad is not easy; and when you add in all the other stresses and strains of life such as relationships, work, not having enough time and/ or money (the list goes on) we soon find that Fatherhood, or even the prospect of becoming a Dad, can be very challenging. But, as men, we are often not ready to admit that we could do with some support: and even if we did where would we go?

This is where ChangingDad comes in. As someone who has been through a great deal of change in my life in the few years since becoming a Dad, I appreciate many of the joys and difficulties that Fatherhood brings, and can help you to find a way through issues such as:

  • understanding what it means to be a father, and helping you become the father you want to be
  • overcoming the challenges that come with fatherhood
  • managing and/ or prioritising your time more efficiently
  • achieving your life AND career goals
  • understanding the changes that are happening in your life, and finding out more about yourself
  • making changes to and/ or re-balancing your life

Fatherhood for me does not necessarily begin when the baby is born, nor when your partner becomes pregnant. It can be when you are trying for a baby, or going through the roller-coaster of IVF treatment. It can be going through a long and potentially stressful adoption process. It can be about feeling apart from your family through work, separation or divorce; and/ or becoming part of an existing family when getting together with a new partner. Or maybe you are a Grandad or Uncle who have found yourself in the role of a father figure.

ChangingDad is for all of you as well.

To find out what coaching could do for you please look at the FAQs on the website by clicking here, or do contact me using the form at the bottom left of the page. It would be great to hear from you.